Zach Neumann is a social entrepreneur and a law and policy lecturer at the University of Colorado who lives in Denver’s Alamo Placita Neighborhood. He is running for Colorado’s State Senate because he believes that our communities are strongest when they create opportunities for everyone.

Zach believes in strong communities because he got to grow up in one. Zach was raised in Missouri City, Texas. His dad worked in city government and his mom was a bookkeeper and church volunteer. Zach went to public schools, working throughout high school as a grocery sacker, department store gift wrapper, and swim coach. At the age of 18, Zach got his first job in politics, serving as a field organizer on a Democratic gubernatorial campaign.

Zach attended college on a combination of scholarships, student loans, part-time jobs, and help from his parents. During his college years, he served as a field organizer for several political campaigns, worked as a tutor and swim coach, and participated in humanitarian aid projects in Northern Mexico, Guatemala, and Kenya.

After college, Zach attended Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government where he completed a Master’s Degree in Public Policy. During graduate school, Zach worked as an aide to Africa’s first democratically elected female head of State, Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. He also volunteered for Deval Patrick’s campaign for Massachusetts Governor and Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign for the Presidency.

Following graduate school, Zach moved to Washington DC, where he worked on poverty relief and community development at the World Bank, an international non-profit organization. During this time, Zach earned a law degree from Georgetown University, attending classes at night and on weekends.

When the time came to settle down, Zach chose Denver because he wanted to live in a community that was vibrant, diverse, and entrepreneurial. In Colorado, he found a place that welcomes outsiders and celebrates new ideas.

Since coming to Colorado, Zach has worked as a management consultant and social entrepreneur. He co-founded Tortuga AgTech,  a small business that works to reduce the environmental impact of traditional agriculture. He also helped to design and launch CareerWise Colorado, a nonprofit that connects high school students with paid apprenticeships in local businesses.

When he’s not at work, Zach is also an avid hiker and climber, and he can often be found playing basketball in Alamo Placita Park.

Zach and Victoria celebrating New Era Colorado’s 10th Anniversary
Attending the Harvey Park Summer Festival
Hiking the 4-pass loop trail in Maroon Bells